My ears are better than my eyesight. It was like that from as far as I can remember. I don’t remember things, if I don’t listen. I couldn’t learn new things, if it wasn’t for listening. So, here I go – music is my second name. Why I decided to create a blog? I simply had to…

What else? Awright, let’s admit it (the sooner the better, you will probably know it anyway the moment you read my posts, yikes!). Yes, I’m a Slav (with an addition of Jewish blood), and yes, I live in Eastern Europe (although I am doing my best to travel as much as I can) and… yes, I’m a fucked up nerd (yeehah! X-D)

No, I’m not logged in at RussianBrides(dot)com or PolishPorn(dot)com or whatever, I’m not dating rich American/Western European men in order to get a husband and a perferct, suburban home. I’m writing a PhD, smoking cigarettes (so what? life kills) and prefer to go to krav maga classes every once in a while. I’m an atheist (but don’t blame me, I heard Catholics saying it’s curable, LMAO). Interests are varied but include former Yugoslavian countries, anthropology and art. And, well, music – most of all it’s music…


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