it’s warp again

7 Feb

Hell yeah, one of my favorite record labels. Again. After issuing great records last year, among them the debut album by Gonjasufi, two albums (an LP and an EP) by Flying Lotus and a minimalist electro album by Brian Eno, it released a brand new self-titled LP by Seefeel. An album which, this I have to add, comes after 14 years of silence in the career of one of the most brilliant and acknowledged bands of the British electro scene.

The album is perfectly balanced, this is what came to my mind after I listened to it for the first time. There is electronic noise, a lot of weird, psychedelic loops as well as delicate rhythms and trans-like, monotonous vocals which make your head spin. The whole is pure, very carefully planned and clean which makes it sharp, spatious and powerfully raw at the same time. It becomes hypnotizing at times but not the way Flying Lotus is. Cosmogramma is far more complicated and based on heavily structuralized melodic lines and rhythms. Seefeel is much more frugal and, therefore, enchanting. It’s pure ambient. Funny, one of the first thoughts I had after listening to it a couple of times was: this is perfect music for having sex X-D

What I appreciate most about this album is the use of vocals. They’re there – a very delicate female voice that becomes part of the music and it becomes more of an instrument than a leading voice to which all the other sounds tune. The music is not supposed to accompany the voice. It is more like the voice is an inseparable part of it. Sure, others also did this. It’s nothing new, one may say. But Seefeel remains fresh, innovative and extremely powerful which just proves, as the whole Warp label does, that contemporary electro and ambient scene is far more interesting than the rock scene in Europe. And that it is a great come back of a band that didn’t record anything for such a long time. (Good job, Seefeel! After 14 years of silence you still rock!)

A very good record. It didn’t make my jaw drop – as did the records of Flying Lotus and Gonjasufi last year. Still, it’s perfectly created and played, amazingly engineered and mixed. So I probably wouldn’t say it’s excellent but if only all of the records this year were so good, I’d be most happy. And by the cathegory of “excellence” I mean something that I just did not expect. Seefeel is amazing, especially when it comes to dark moods and much more moody tunes (Airless is one of my favorite tracks). It completely made me fall in love with their music. My comparison to Flying Lotus and/or Gonjasufi comes probably from a fact that it was a real shock to hear their music. Why didn’t Seefeel shock me? Well, I guess I just got used to how Warp recordings good are.



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