a new industrial band on the horizon

17 Feb

Ok, I may have exaggerated with this one. It seems like File Tranfer Protocol (from Akron, OH) is a band that exists since 2007. At least this is the date which marks this one-man-band’s first recordings.

Again, I found it through Facebook and fell in love with it completely. At first I felt like almost 15 years ago, when I first listened through Nine Inch Nails’ The Downward Spiral. Of course, I’m exaggerating here as well. FTP is maybe not as genius as NIN. But it’s a very good band and, with time, who knows what happens if this guy develops?

Is there something I don’t like? I cannot get used to the vocals, somehow. But I guess it’s a question of time. For sure my one sole criticism is the videos. They’re not so bad, especially for a totally independent band which, luckily, didn’t sell it’s stuff to any of the labels. Still, the guy makes really funny faces when singing. I understand he is emotional. After all – this is what we’re searching for in any music. Real, true emotions. So, no wonder Sean Rieger (the man behind FTP) makes faces while singing. Still, to me it looks kinda funny and the mimics seems more of a soul star than an industrial rock vocalist.

What do I like then? Everything else. The strong Nine Inch Nails influence. The typical industrial rhythms. The great harmonies. Guitar riffs, tempo changes and mood changes.

As I understand from the band’s website and their FB fanpage, the currently issued tracks will be part of the new album to be released, as I suppose, either this year or next year (depending on how quickly Sean Rieger works but this I can only suspect, I have no data on this). Well, for sure they’ve got one more fan that is eager to listen to the whole of it.

Man… I love independent artists. And I love the Internet X-D

To view FTP’s official website, click here.
To view FTP’s Facebook fanpage, click here.
To enter FTP’s blog, click here.

I’m including a youtube vid of World of One. However, do listen to Ivory Towers on FTP’s official website (or on facebook). It’s the best! Made my jaw drop!



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