30 Dec

Oh, yesss, I may surprise you today. After all, I firmly believe that rock is very important also due to its roots. And you can’t get rock if you can’t get folk. And you don’t get folk music, if you can’t get a ritual. But let me stop here with my shallow anthropological thoughts cause the album, that I am thinking of right now, should be praised.

Basia Bulat is a Canadian musician of Polish origin. And yes, I won’t lie, I got interested in her mostly cause of her heritage. And fell in love with her completely. An amazing, powerful voice; emotional and strong lyrics; touching, but not corny melodies; all of this available on her album Heart of My Own. It’s Bulat’s fourth studio album and – frankly – I do not know the other three but the last one makes me really wonder, if I shouldn’t get them asap (and, most probably, I will).

What is absolutely enchanting is that not only Bulat remains a true folk musician, very deeply rooted in traditional American music, with a powerful voice and great melodic lines (she also plays different instruments, mostly autoharp). The most amazing thing is that she shifts from one mood to another, melody after melody with such easiness that in fact it reminds me of the old recordings from the 1960s, when great musicians just met for a day and recorded a whole album during one session. It’s just… fluid. I don’t know how to call it differently. It just flows like water. And you easily surrender to it and just flow with it.

The extreme intensity of this album is based on the fact that everything is so simple. The melodies, the rhythm, Bulat’s way of playing the autoharp, sometimes even her voice, even though it’s a strong instrument in itself. Still, she avoids cheap emotions and exaggerated flares. And this is how she gets to the core of folk music – to its simplicity and rawness. To its amazing power.

For me it’s probably the best album in the folk/country genre of this year. But, hell, I should just shut up and include a link to one of her songs. Basia Bulat, you are truly amazing…



2 Responses to “fluid”

  1. Adam December 30, 2010 at 05:38 #

    I think it’s her second studio album, not her fourth. The other is “Oh My Darling”. The other two albums you’re likely thinking of are a single and an appearance on a compilation.

    But I agree, she is a lovely singer.

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