the end of a truly great year in music

1 Jan

Since we’ve got a new year now, I thought it was time to make some summary of the last year, even if it’s in fact private and subjective.

And here goes – my opinion on the best recordings of the last year.

Of course, the categories are not necessarily ok cause one can always argue if Deftones is a metal group, if Basia Bulat is really so folk etc. But, ok, let’s say that I treat these categories as a pretty broad term for several music genres.

Also, I should probably add categories for classical music and for jazz. But I didn’t listen too much to jazz/blues and/or classics last year, so I wouldn’t like to judge in this area.

Best electronica album: Flying Lotus Cosmogramma
Best rock album: Pulled Apart By Horses Pulled Apart By Horses
Best hard rock album: Alice in Chains Black Gives Way to Blue
Best metal album: Deftones Diamond Eyes
Best hip-hop album: Jay-Z The Blueprint 3
Best world music album: Balkan Beat Box Blue Eyed Black Boy
Best folk/country album: Basia Bulat Heart of My Own
Best debut: Gonjasufi A Sufi and a Killer
Best soundtrack: Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross The Social Network
Best video: How to Destroy Angels Space in Between and Jay-Z On to the Next One (can’t decide which is better)

Happy new year!

And a Jay-Z video below cause whatever you may think of him, whatever you may accuse him of (like all these conspiracy theories concerning him and the Illuminati), frankly… I don’t give a shit (and I don’t trust conspiracy theories in general). For me, what is important, is that he is a remarkable musician and that the video, directed by Sam Brown, is truly a work of art.



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