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just being consequent

21 Sep

So. This one’s gonna be short since I’m still listening to it. But… the newest EP by Flying Lotus is just the next step on his pretty consequent route that he chose. Not exactly the same as Cosmogramma, not as complex and experimental.

Yeah, Pattern+Grid World is smaller, less deep, less heavy, still amazing. Sometimes you can tell FL is going too much into technology. It’s not as varied and not as jazzy as Cosmogramma. But the essence of it is what makes FL’s electro absolutely thrilling and geniuine. And, I gotta tell you, it just raises my expectations and for sure does not quench my thirst for more. If FL wanted fanatic followers, for sure he’s already got one, mmmhmmkay?

p.s. Don’t judge after listening to it once only. My friends probably believe I’m sick and that you could get brain fucked by listening to this but, trust me, this IS the new jazz…


cosmic hypnosis

17 Jun

Really. I’m starting to think that Warp records are led by a crazy brahmin, whose goal is to make the whole population of the planet reach nirvana! Two months ago I totally fell in love with Gonjasufi. And now THIS? It’s not that I didn’t know Flying Lotus before. But I didn’t really pay attention, checked it out on youtube from time to time, didn’t really listen to the whole album from the beginning until the very end.

It’s of course very electronic. But not only. The record has the freshness and beat of the early albums of Aphex Twin – and it is also, like Aphex Twin, experimental. On the other hand it has great softness and it’s melodic, which I would compare to Amon Tobin. What is, however, most inspiring and stunning, are the influences of jazz. “Nah!”, you’ll say, “she’s just saying it cause Flying Lotus is a guy who is the nephew of the late and ever memorable John Coltrane”. So? Even if I have this thought in the back of my head, it doesn’t change the fact that Flying Lotus is something I would call jazz electro. It’s enough to look at the ways he constructs melodics, harmony and rhythm, how he puts it all together, how he forms his compositions. Whether it is the harmony of Do the Astral Plane, highly jazzy bass in Pickled!, the synthesizer in Computer Face/Pure Being, or is it German Haircut, which features Flying Lotus’ cousin, Ravi Coltrane (yes, the son of John and Alice) on saxophone, this record is very deeply rooted in jazz. Of course, the approach is different. But isn’t it what jazz is really all about? Expanding and going beyond borders?

Cosmogramma is just… cosmic. No, the title is not overestimated. It’s just out of this world. Amazingly sharp, intense, hypnotic, sexy, sometimes even spiritual. I’d even go so far to say that if hippie culture knew Flying Lotus’ music in the 1960’s, they wouldn’t have any craving for LSD anymore X-D

It is also amazingly constructed. Makes you raise your expectations, always fulfilling them or even giving more than you crave for. It’s diverse, the tension is growing continuously and even though the hunger is satisfied, there is always a little space left in you to want more. And, fuck, I don’t care if I sound poetic right now, if it’s corny teenage talk, or not, but this album is pure desire and energy. Something sensual, yet very conceptual – the best example of what you call “experimental music” and leaving one thought… that Flying Lotus is one of the most interesting, most provoking and most talented artists of our time.