saint profanity

20 Jun

It’s hard to recover after the first track of the newest album by Holy Fuck. Man, these Canadians really know how to play with tension. 1MD is mystical, slow, and mysterious. Perfect for an intro to a science-fiction movie. And the intensity grows slowly. Mixed voices are added, almost as if they were part of a church mass, more and more noise comes until a heavy-electronic coda which raises goose bumps. And then… you get a disco beat and you’re feeling like you’re completely out of this world. Until the finale of the last track, that is.

I have completely no idea how is it possible. First of all, cause this album is not much different from other albums by Holy Fuck. Of course, it’s a consequent route and one could imagine something like that coming. But there is no real shift from Holy Fucks previous recordings. Secondly, cause it’s music of our times. Sure, we can say it’s a bit alternative (like we are used to call most of the music of our times that we do not know how to name the genre) but, frankly, is it so much different from all the other music in the wide borders of “electro” that is being recorded every day? Not really.

There is something, however, that makes you shiver and just devour this record. Maybe cause it’s simply honest. You can feel it. Holy Fuck creates something that is just close to their hearts, something that is true. And perhaps that’s because you’re not really cynical, when you listen to it.

Funny, but the intro to the album possessed me so much that I even, for the first time in my life, started to think what does the name of the band really mean. And somehow, although I have to admit, I never looked at it that way, I had a thought that it’s the best name this band could ever have. “Holy Fuck” – a perfect symbiosis of sacrum and profanum. And this is just what this music is. Something grand, metaphysical, dense, almost religious (or, should I rather say: spiritual?), and, at the same time, something that is strongly connected to the most profane – typical disco beats, dance music, strong rhythm, things that are primal to our nature. And… even more funny… I had a thought that Holy Fuck managed to create something that the whole 1980’s tried to create but failed.

And it’s not like I admire 1MD only (although it will remain one of my most favorite tracks of all times). The whole of Latin is great. It is very varied and still very consequent in its complexity. Strong rhythms, synthpop on one hand, on the other – mellow tunes, delicate, almost inaudible, yet present, influences of classical music; plus – yes, you may not believe it – rock (e.g. Stay Lit). I was actually surprised by how much this album… rocks! It is electronic music. It is experimental. No doubt about that. Still, out of synthesizers, a real percussion and some electro beats Holy Fuck manage to create something I would call a rock symphony. And, no, no, don’t think of “symphonic rock” as a genre because it’s totally misleading.

I am also amazed by how the musicians play with different layers of melodies. It’s a constant improvisational charade intertwined with solid foundations of the bass and drums (Silva & Grimes is a great example). Sometimes you can also feel the band has a great sense of humor. SHT MTN starts as if it was a disco hit and out of rather dull and repetitive sounds they create something that is definitely alternative rock and has little to do with discotheques and fancy clubs where you can snort cocaine and shake your butt to a DJ tune that is no different from all the other tunes you have heard in the TV or the radio.

A great record. Another electro/ambient/synthpop/experimental/whatever album of this year that completely astonished me. Hmmm… could it be that the future of the music lies in a… synthesizer? X-D Or am I just getting old and cannot get used to different rock bands than the ones that I listened to for the past 29 years? I wonder…


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