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“you wanted a hit…”

31 May

How does it sound?

“gay stuff. disco. bored people. a poorly executed fist-fight. sandwiches without too much meat and stuff on them. records that you used to hate but are kind of cool now that you heard them again years later at your friend’s house. hipster nonsense. midrange, and not so much bass-and-treble. an engine that needs the timing looked at and is running at capacity. a band.” – LOL! This is what the band claims to be on their official myspace profile. What’s the name of the band? LCD Soundsystem.

I’ll be honest. I knew nothing about the band except the fact that their single (Drunk Girls) is broadcasted 10.000 times a day in the radio and I already hate it. What else did I know? Basically nothing – I never got curious, sounded very British to me (not that a “British sound” is such a disadvantage but, ya know, I’m raised on American music ;-)), sounded actually pretty boring and too much pop. But – I judged on listening to one song only and, of course, that’s never a good idea. So I decided to give it a shot and listen to the whole album which was released in Europe more or less two weeks ago. The title of the album? This Is Happening.

And hell it is happening! It’s a pretty experimental, very melodic, very rhythmical piece. I was very surprised and it actually is one of the most positive surprises of the last month. I don’t know how should I call it, what should I compare it to. It definitely is electronic. Sometimes it’s naïve – a bit college-like (All I Want). Sometimes it’s noisy. Sometimes it’s very much influenced by most important artists of the electronic music, e.g. the legendary New Order (Can Change). Sometimes it’s kinda… “frugal” when it comes to sounds but still gives you a trance-like experience, which reminds me of early Aphex Twin (You Wanted a Hit). And rock influences? Well, to me it sounds as if Modest Mouse turned out to be more electro than rock. All in all – a great album, fresh music, lots of “air” in between few melodic lines, not too many sounds – this album is actually breathing! (If I can say something so new age as this, lol). This is happening is something I will definitely listen to for a long time in the future.

Just as an example – the first track of the album – and, please, please, please, don’t listen to Drunk Girls 😉

P.S. James Murphy is actually a great vocalist. Not knowing anything about LCD Soundsystem, I used to listen to one of the songs in which he sings – and, damn, I was listening to it several times a day! Huh! Wanna give it a shot?

And just to finish this post, I’ll quote Murphy himself, from the newest album of LCD Soundsystem…
“You wanted a hit
But maybe we don’t do hits
I try and try
It ends up feeling kind of wrong”